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Time to put Super Nanny on the naughty step

Oh, puuleeeze save me from the bloomin’ naughty step! The naughty step is a technique adapted from a concept known as time out (which has been around nearly as long as me and believe me that’s a really long time!). The problem is it doesn’t really do the same thing. Time out used properly is … Continued

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One easy tip to change your kid’s behaviour

Yep, it’s as simple as that, just by doing this one thing you can improve your kids behaviour. And this is it…. “catch them being good” I know you’re shaking your head in disbelief but it really is that simple. So often parents just miss opportunities all the time. We all like acknowledgement that we’re … Continued

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Put Punishment Behind Bars

Ok first off punishment doesn’t work – FACT. I didn’t just make that up there’s bags of research to back it up (if you really want to look). My stand on punishment is that it doesn’t stop kids doing whatever you punished them for, it just makes them savvy at not getting caught! So, I … Continued

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