We work with people who are struggling with the effect their child’s behaviour is having on their lives.

This may be happening because:

  • Family relationships have become disconnected and uncomfortable;
  • They don’t feel like the parent they want to be;
  • There is a negative impact on their work;
  • The whole family is having to revolve around the behaviour;
  • Their child’s friendships, education and quality of life are being affected.

Resulting in them feeling

  • As if they are letting their children down
  • Unable to help their child
  • That they will be judged as a ‘bad’ parent
  • Guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their child
  • Frustrated they don’t know how to manage or
    change their child’s behaviour
  • Resentful of the disruption to their lives

The behaviourists can and will help them to:

  • Identify and respect mutual family values
  • Understand and manage family dynamics and individual interactions
  • Create a safe, secure position from which to change behaviour
  • Understand their own patterns of behaviour and its effects
  • Develop and use tools and strategies for changing behaviour

So they are able to:

  • Reconnect with their children and enjoy being with them
  • Have a mutually respectful family environment
  • Feel confident as a parent
  • Have a more settled life
  • Know their child will be happier and  start to enjoy life again

And finally feel they are:

  • Empowered
  • supported
  • not judged
  • calmer

and the parent they always
wanted to be.

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