Almost as much as you, we want to see your life transformed but as you may appreciate it’s not realistic to say precisely how long this will take.

Your situation is unique so we put together a plan – with you – to suit you, your family and your day to day life.

It’s going to require commitment, perseverance and determination, Oh and a big slice of energy for all concerned (including us!).

Your programme will have goals and benchmarks but will also be highly flexible.

When you need us we will be there to guide, support and when necessary intervene.

Programmes start with you….


Knowing who you are, where you fit and what’s important to you as a family — creating a safe base


Understanding patterns of behaviour and their effects


Creating tools, strategies and plans to reconnect with your child and enjoy them

We will visit you, observe, consult and provide interventions for you to use. We’ll share with you strategies and tactics that are proven to work in situations just like yours. If you do what we say it WILL work.

We really want you to master these to use confidently whenever you need to. Not too sure? Then we can take the lead but only for as long as it takes you to feel confident. The sooner you are, the sooner we slip away into the background.

Programme options

Platinum VIP

An all inclusive bespoke programme to meet the unique needs of you and your family. Our full and unlimited attention...

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A comprehensive tailored programme designed to provide the tools and strategies to empower you to successfully implement your unique behavioural...

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A weekend away with your family, situated in beautiful North Devon, you will be guided through a weekend of fun,...

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Find your family

Our 6 week on-line programme packed with information and exercises for you to work through. Helping you to reconnect with...

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Support when you need it

Communication channels are open at the times you need them (including evenings and weekends). Get in touch via text, email or phone. And if you need us in person, we’ll get there.